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AssetBozz October 2022 Updates

Connecting with Future Talent in HK @ CUHK SHTM Networking

This is our second appearance to be invited to the annual CUHK School of Hotel and Hospitality Management Networking Day! We are honoured to be invited to as a corporate partner and for the AssetBozz team to connect with CUHK students in a very efficient Roundtable Discussion format.

As Hong Kong recovers from border closures and distant learning, we can certainly feel the students' eagerness to mingle and learn from veterans in the workforce and seek advice about building their career paths. As an emerging PropTech company, we are very encouraged by the student’s openness to a less secured career path in the start-up community and we welcome the opportunity to work with CUHK to provide more internship opportunities in the future,

New Integration with WhatsApp

We have listened to our customer’s feedback about improving our user experience and our team has finally completed testing with a scheduled release of the WhatsApp integration feature in our upcoming version! When assigning work orders to external service providers, AssetBozz users will now have an additional option to deliver instant messages from our chat box to the receiver’s WhatsApp directly!

We are excited about making this breakthrough and look forward to adding more IM integrations in the future as we strive for a more seamless experience for all users on our platform.

New Product Module: The Invoice module

Making sure your tenants receive timely and accurate invoices each month is a stressful process, especially when you have multiple tenants with varying leasing periods. In our latest release, we have created a new module to help you consolidate all invoices to make it convenient fordifferent stakeholders in your operation team to check and verify all theinvoices before they are sent out to tenants.

With new “Action” buttons, Assetbozz users can create, edit and delete invoices more easily and have a peace of mind that the details are accurate before it is exported to Xero or as a CSV file to be uploaded to other accounting systems.

New UI: Two level side bar

We are continuing to make minor improvements on our UI and the latest change you will notice is a “Two-level sidebar” that simplifies

navigation between modules. In the latest release, the existing modules of “Properties”, “Assets “and “Service provider” will move under the main module of “Property”,and “My team” (now “Permissions”) “Custom labels” and “Checklist library” can be found under the “Settings” module.

In addition to minor changes, the product team is working tirelessly on a major upgrade of our UI which will be significantly improved for both the web and mobile experience!

New Booking Engine: Unlimited flexibility on short term leasing

We are betting on the trend of flexible booking to be the future with more operators in the office and hospitality sectors looking to provide flexible rental for their space. To enable our users to achieve this, we have made progress on upgrading our booking engine to cater for different prices rates, tiers and discounts for operators to create their unique pricing plans. In the latest release, Assetbozz users can now simultaneously set two price rates (such as per hour or per day), to incentivise shorter or longer term stays depending on the circumstances.

That's it for October, see you guys in November!

It is getting cold now, isn't it? We hope you have enjoyed your Halloween and we will be getting ready for our Christmas soon! In the coming season, we look forward to sharing more news about our latest client stories, software features, and partnership developments next month.

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