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AssetBozz November 2022 Updates

New Feature: User Activity Log

We have been listening to our customers' and this latest feature within HomeBozz will provide an activity log from all the users in your account. A new icon has been created next to "announcements" which will lead you to the new "Activity Log" showing you and your teams what has been added, edited, or created on tenancy and the financial records. The universal activity log is only accessible to administrators and managers as to ensure we give you control over the privacy of your own data

New Feature: Integration with Stripe

One of the key focus we have is to be an API first company so users can easily connect their existing applications to our platform. The latest showcase is a full integration with Stripe which will enable our customers to collect online payment. With our upcoming revamp of our booking engine, our customers will benefit from an end to end solution which will simplify the process of allowing non-members and/or members to book and pay for on demand flexible space

New Feature: Block Out Date in Booking Job Configuration

Your co-working space is booked for an internal party this Friday? No problem. Our new setting provides you with the ability to block particular dates like holidays or specific dates which will then be reflected on the calendar of the specific space, hence you avoid the issues around double bookings!

To add a block-out date, locate the card labeled "Booking: Block-out Dates." In addition to directly choosing a public holiday, users can also insert specific dates and times to block out. After this, you can switch to calendar view to verify that the space is blocked for those dates

Automation Feature: First month's invoices generation

Prior to the latest version, the manager was required to manually generate the first invoices which is sometimes overlooked or forgotten which causes delays in collecting rental and deposit payments. To enhance the user experience, we have decided to build a new feature so that when you create a new tenancy, AssetBozz will prompt you to automatically generate the first rental and deposit invoice at the same time

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