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AssetBozz August 2022 Updates

AssetBozz got listed on KPMG's Real Estate Innovation Overview 2022

KPMG has released its latest Real Estate Innovations Overview (7th Edition) this month, and AssetBozz is proud to be one of the 783 featured innovations!

With the new post-COVID reality, the Overview this year highlights the key theme of "Future of Work" and identifies "Flexible workspace" as one of the innovation categories. Sharing the belief of flexibility is the key to the future, AssetBozz continues to innovate for Real Estate to be flexible in time, location, and environment.

CUHK student researchers - projects completed!

At the beginning of this Summer, we engaged two groups of CUHK School of Hotel and Tourism Management undergrad students to conduct market research for us. After three months of hard work, the students presented their work to the AssetBozz team and their professor.

One of the teams has conducted a feasibility study to explore the possibility of adopting AssetBozz into the campus property management system. The students have conducted site visits and collected feedback on AssetBozz by conducting interviews and surveys with different stakeholders within the campus.

Another team has conducted market research on the hybrid workforce and co-working space landscape across Asia. As the largest co-working market in the world, the Asia-Pacific co-working office spaces market is expected to experience a compounded annual growth rate of more than 5.5% from 2022 to 2027.

New feature: Room Booking System

In order to help AssetBozz users to optimise their space usage, our newly launched room booking system allows property owners to open up their underutilised space for online booking by the hour and unlock new revenue stream. Enable by-the-hour booking for any type of property now. Co-working hot desks, meeting rooms, hotel rooms ... AssetBozz has you covered. We take care of room bookings and the booking process from start to finish:

  • Room booking in advance or directly with instant booking confirmation

  • Reservation overview with our booking calendar

  • Easy check-in and check-out process with just one QR code

Improved feature: Syncing AssetBozz with Xero with one click

With our new release, AssetBozz users can now sync their tenant information to Xero with just one click instead of doubling the data entry effort. Once their tenant information has synced to Xero, creating invoices is just a few clicks away. In addition, on the overview pages indication is also available to show which contacts and invoices have been synced to Xero.

Improved UI: Property page is now much more organised

Organise your list of properties inside AssetBozz by assigning "parent property" and "child property" to define the property relationship and create a property hierarchy. Place your meeting room or phone booths under your office property, or locate your rooms by floors within one building. View all your properties under our collapsible table in an organised way!

That's it for August, see you guys in September!

The heat waves are finally gone and we are now awaiting Autumn. In the coming season, we look forward to sharing more news about our latest client stories, software features, and partnership developments next month.

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