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AssetBozz July 2022 Updates

It seems that the PropTech industry gets younger and younger by the minute...

This month, we welcomed our new high school intern Sharen to Assetbozz. Sharen is currently studying in the UK and is here exploring a possible career in both the commercial and technical side of PropTech. In the past month, Sharen has contributed not only to the company’s market research, but also with sketching and building 3D floor plan models. Her enthusiasm in the real estate sector at this young age is inspiring and we’re excited to see what she does in the future!

Updated accounting: Automation of tenant invoice generation

Invoice generation has always been a rather repetitive, boring task, with human errors affecting efficiency and effectiveness.Now, users can enable the automation of invoices generation with a single click of a button, replacing the laborious task of manually formatting invoices by hand. For users not using Xero, all auto-generated invoices can now be saved in a CSV file, which can be found in the tenant's knowledge base neatly organized with all their other files, ensuring easy access in the future. Do you feel more relieved when you don’t have to record the invoices one by one?

New feature: updated internal communication: Newer, faster, better

Ever feel frustrated by the miscommunication between departments? Now, admins and team managers can communicate directly in our new ‘Activity and Comments’ section under each tenant’s page as well as on the properties and assets page. Mark down any important sales milestones as you wish: arranged site visit, submitted leasing proposal ... As your team might deal with multiple properties and tenants at once, the new section effectively keeps your team members in the loop of the sales process to ensure speedy follow-up.

New feature: Inputting a security deposit

What features should be included when creating a new tenancy? The deposit! How can you distinguish the deposit and rent amount? Well, HomeBozz is here to help! The user can now add a security deposit in the tenancy field. Just as the monthly rental is recurring revenue, the system will automatically mark the deposit as a non-recurring revenue. The user will no longer have to spend extra effort tracking and organizing their deposits.

That's it for July, see you guys in August!

Enjoy the sunshine and the beach! We look forward to sharing more news about our latest client stories, software features, and partnership developments next month.

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