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AssetBozz April 2022 Updates

We are back in the office!

We are finally back in the office after the latest surge in COVID cases and let me tell you we're definitely glad to have meetings in a physical room again! Even though winter seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye, the last few days definitely felt a bit chillier than usual.

During the last few months of working from home, we can all appreciate how technology (Teams/Zoom..etc) has enabled us to keep things moving without too many disruptions. In the last month, our team has been working tirelessly to push out new updates for HomeBozz to ensure that we continue helping our customers optimise the way they operate.

New feature: Automatic rental payment and overdue reminder

We have developed this new feature to allow our customers to automate and streamline their rental collection process. Our clients can use this feature to email their members a payment notice before and after the payment due date with a customisable message to add that personal touch.

Updated dashboard: Key metrics for Co-working spaces

After spending several months interviewing our users on their reporting requirements, we have finally released a redesigned dashboard for Co-working spaces which measures the commercial performance for our client's space. Our clients can now gain a real-time overview of total occupancy, revenue by member categories, upcoming lease expiry and late rental payments...etc.

Updated knowledge base: Better UI, smoother experience

Our goal has always been to simplify our UI so non-technical users can intuitively operate the system with minimal training. Our recent UI/UX enhancements of our Knowledge Base is a testament to this. With our new "drag and drop" feature for uploading all the important files and links, users can organise and retrieve their documents for any spaces or assets much more conveniently and securely.

Graduating our first intern under the STEM Internship scheme in Hong Kong

We love fostering and nurturing local talents who express an interest in exploring a career in PropTech. With the support from the City University of Hong Kong, we hosted our first intern Rachel Xu who managed to intern with us for 4 weeks before the 5th wave of COVID hit. We are gracious to have Rachel come through under this initiative from the Innovation and Technology Fund which really helps start-ups like us gain access to STEM students in Hong Kong who are looking for innovation and technology ("I&T")-related work experience.

That's it for April, see you guys in May!

We look forward to sharing more news about our latest client stories, software features, and partnership developments next month!

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