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AssetBozz May 2022 Updates

Why & How to Land A Startup Job in 2022

In collaboration with General Assembly, our very own Eric Hui had the opportunity to share his own personal journey in the deep ends of the corporate world, and his transition to finding greater enlightenment in startups. Besides speaking about his own personal journey, he also touched on the reasons why individuals should seek to make this transition in their life and seek greater thrill in being part of a startup, and ways in which people can land a job in a startup. If you didn’t get the chance to catch Eric’s webinar, please feel free to watch it here: Why & How to Land A Startup Job in 2022 - Zoom

Completed GA capstone project

As a startup, we are constantly focusing on pushing our own limits, as well as providing a safe environment for others to challenge themselves. From March to May, we had the honor of collaborating with four UX Immersive students from General Assembly to complete their capstone project for their UX Design Course.

Shanty, Esther, Victor, and JinHui have worked closely with our UX designer to develop a work automation module in addition to the current work order management, space management, and asset management modules that we have on our platform.

The work automation module allows users to set up different triggers for HomeBozz to automatically conduct manual work such as sending payment reminder emails. It was an enlightening experience to have worked alongside with such talented and passionate individuals!

We might work hard, but we know how to play hard too!

As the COVID situation eases, a window of opportunity rose for the team to gather together for a cheeky beer pong competition. As the night went on, the playstyles of each AssetBozz team became more evident. Firstly, Rachel with her ability to land every last cup of a round but her inability to sink any other. Secondly, Eric, an ex-veteran in the game, yet his reputation doesn’t seem to add up when it comes to his execution. Thirdly, Desmond, a newbie to the arts of beer pong, uses a mathematical technique to calculate the trajectory of each of his throws in hopes to overcome the steep learning curve. Fourthly, Ian with his unconventional throw, which he claims increases his chance of success (questionable). And last but not least, Ron who preaches on his flawless technique but the only sound that can be heard is the ping pong ball hitting the marble floor.

We have become one of RICS’ Tech Partners!

RICS Tech Partner Programme allows technology companies to collaborate with RICS to develop insights and initiate conversations about data and technology. We are glad to pass the application process in this month and officially joined the community to contribute and learn from our peers across the real estate sector.

We look forward to create meaningful content with RICS teams to stir up more reflections towards the innovations in real estate.

A Xero integration like no other

A tenant’s recurring and non-recurring expenses can now be recorded under the tenant’s profile. And with our most recent integration with Xero, users will be able to link their Xero accounts to HomeBozz, allowing you to create an invoice on our platform, which will automatically be pushed into your Xero account. Additionally, our platform will signal you once the payment has been handled by your tenant.

A revamped work order dashboard that works like a charm!

Just a month ago, we reworked our commercial dashboard, now we give you the newly redesigned work order dashboard! Users will now have access to a real-time overview of the number of jobs currently active, overdue or pending. With an interactive dashboard, users will have the ability to filter out jobs based on its priority, whether its been assigned to an internal team member or external contractor, and also by the current status of the job.

That's it for May, see you guys in June!

We look forward to sharing more news about our latest client stories, software features, and partnership developments next month!

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