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Asset lifecycle

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Work order



Access and retrieve important data of your spaces securely from anywhere at anytime

QR Code access enabling members and frontline staff to instantly report issues and view related documents

Minimise paper based documents by storing and sharing digital files to the public, members and internal team members


Asset lifecycle

Gain complete overview of every physical asset within your organisation from anywhere at anytime

QR Code access enabling members and frontline staff to instantly report issues and view related documents

Stay ahead of unbudgeted costs with built in financial reporting capabilities

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Monitor your operation with transparent and real-time data from the frontline

Improve decision making with insights from customisable dashboards:

General - ESG - Maintenance 

Save time and increase accuracy of reports by exporting directly from the interactive dashboards


Monitor all your leads and opportunities from different channels on a single portal 

Keep up to date with your member's tenancy expiry and rental due date 

Easily gain access to the documents of your members and leads by storing them under each profile

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Work order

Oversee and manage all types of tasks and assign them internally or externally under one portal

Retain knowledge of properties and assets by capturing data points of date/time of event, dialogues, job check-ins, costs, etc.

Associate work orders with a property or an asset to track on going maintenance cost

Space management
Asset lifecycle management
Interactive dashboard
Work order management


Why do you need AssetBozz?

Change can be scary but it can also be the difference

People, finance, and assets in one place, no more scattered records from everywhere

There are 3 key aspects to managing a co-working space, people such as members, internal team members and external service providers; finance such as accounting and payment; and assets such as electrical appliances and IT equipment

AssetBozz lets you keep track of every aspect with built-in capabilities to house tenant information (like a CRM), asset documents (like an enterprise asset management system) while providing real time visibility of the operational workflow within your space

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Retain knowledge of your space by capturing work requests from start to end

Collect and analyse your operational cost from the source

Report issues, assign jobs, contact service providers and verify job completion in one workstream can make a massive difference from using multiple communications tabs to deliver messages

Avoid losing track on progress, miscommunication, and improve transparency with all stakeholders

Capturing data from the operational layer, information such as occupancy, total work orders, asset depreciation can be automatically collected and analysed on our dashboards, reducing the need to manually produce reports. The dashboards are also designed to be sliced and diced to easily export the required data to other systems

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