Revolutionise your space with the power of flexibility


Made for all
co-working spaces to realise full capacity

Whether it is office space, meeting room, or hot desk, we can help you optimise your rental return by unleashing your vacant space that can be rented flexibly. Keep track of your long term and short term members as well as the space occupancy with AssetBozz

Flex your space
to maximise value

From an entire building to a single hot desk - we have got you covered

  • Shows all units in the establishment at a glance with booking status and financials available.

  • Manage your properties by the smallest unit possible

  • Supporting multi-subsidiaries and countries

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Central reservation system

Providing full booking calendar site updating. No more back-and-forth confirming bookings and availability

  • Automatically allows clients to check your availability from your website or marketplace sites.

  • Receive instant booking updates from any channels within our network

Real estate specific CRM from customer management to billings

Forget the spreadsheet. An auto-refresh CRM to capture all the details of your property comers

  • Automatically transfer client's information to CRM

  • Automate billing process using integration with Xero

  • Manage pre-leasing and post leasing process

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Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 11.53.48 AM.png
Image by Proxyclick Visitor Management System
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App-free digital
tenant experience

Forget the spreadsheet. An auto-refresh CRM to capture all the details of your property comers

  • Report issues or request services with 1 click on the phone

  • Automatic welcome email, payment reminder, and more

Light-weighted operation from now on

No need for multiple systems as AssetBozz includes everything in one user-friendly system

  • Assign jobs to external and internal workers and track work progress 

  • Track financial, lease lifecycle, room booking and vacancy rate 

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Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 11.28.09 PM.png

without barrier

Web. Phone. Pad. App-free.

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Eager to get a taste
of automation? 

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